National Board & SubGroups

Youth Work Ireland have an ambitious agenda in relation to youth participation which seeks to involve young people in the decision making within our organisation. We are proud to say that a third of our National Board is made up of young people. 

Youth Work Ireland National Board Members


National Youth Federation Limited (T/A Youth Work Ireland)
Reg. No.: 193547.  CRA:20068363  
Tax exemption for Charities : CHY18032 


Minutes of National Board Meetings 2021

Integrated Youth Services Sub Group

The Integrated Youth Services Sub Group are tasked to over see the implementation of Objective 1 (Strengthen our Integrated Youth Services Model) and Objective 2 (Improve and Share our Youth Work Practice) of Youth Work Ireland’s Strategic Plan. The Sub Group will develop and implement a Work Plan to assist in reaching these objectives and will report to the National Board on a regular basis. The sub group is made up of no more than 11 full members drawn from among the Regional Directors Network. Membership of the Sub-Group is for a period of no more than three years.  The term of the Chair of the group will terminate when their period of services on the Board ceases after 3 years.  In that event a new chair will be appointed by the Board. The Sub group may seek expert help from time to time.

Members of the Integrated Youth Services Sub Group:

Finance & General Purposes Sub Committee

The purpose of the Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee is to advise and direct on the management of financial and other resources together with Human Resource Management. Members of the group are nominated on an annual basis by the membership of the National Board of Directors and will always include the Chairperson of the National Board, the Treasurer and Volunteer and Senior Management Representatives, the Chief Executive and National Services Manager will be in attendance.  Further co-options are permissible with the approval of the full board and these co-options will be explicitly for the introduction of particular skills and expertise to the group.  The group will meet between full meetings of the National Board normally two weeks in advance of board meetings.  Members are responsible for the prudent financial management of the organisation, the effective management of personnel within the organisation and the organisation and management of resources and assets available to the organisation.

Members of the Finance & General Purposes Sub Committee

Youth Justice Sub Group

The Youth Justice Sub-Group of the Board of Youth Work Ireland is legally constituted under Article 49 of the Articles of Association of the Company. The purpose of the group is to manage the relationship between Youth Justice Service (Department of Justice ) and Youth Work Ireland’s federal structure with regards to the funding and operating of Youth Diversion Projects (YDP). The Sub-Group ensures that there is regular consultation with all Youth Work Ireland Members and especially with those Members who manage Youth Diversion Projects. In consultation with National Office, the sub-group represents the membership in meetings and negotiations with YJS on strategic and cross cutting issues affecting the operation and funding of YDP. The sub-group reaches collective decisions and negotiating positions on behalf of the membership to be presented to YJS and the membership.

Members of the Youth Justice Sub Group

Safe Guarding - Child Protection Sub Group

This Sub Group is tasked to ensure that Youth Work Ireland has the relevant child protection policies, procedures, systems, documents, trainings and supports for  in place across all the organisations.  The group must ensure that work is carried out to put in place the appropriate policies, procedures, systems, documents, trainings and supports in place across all the organisations making up and being part of the Federation. The group is also tasked to:

  • Review the annual audit of Child Protection Compliance, and make relevant additions to the work plan as needed.
  • Develop an annual plan of work for the sub group, to be presented to the Board for approval.
  • Report to the board on Child Protection issues impacting on the Federal Organisation
  • Manage the relationship between HSE, DCYA, the Family and Children Support Agency, An Garda Siochana and any other relevant national body having responsibility for Child Protection.
  • Manage the relationship between National Office (NO) and members who are in receipt of funding for Garda Diversion projects.

Members of the Safe Guarding - Child Protection Sub Group