Press Releases

March 15th 2024

“Don’t make us choose between voting, and Maths and Geography” – Leaving Cert Students disappointed that call for Local and European Elections to be held on Saturday, June 8th, rather than on an exam day was not answered.

May 1st, 2023

Ireland may become an outlier on Votes at 16, as Belgium begins to register 16- and 17-year-olds for Euro elections” says leading youth organization.

April 6th, 2023

Volunteering key Resource in Hard Times says Leading Youth Organisation at Training Pack Launch

November 21, 2022

Ireland may become an outlier on Votes at 16, north south issues beckon.

October 12 2022

Budget 2023 was extremely disappointing for young people and those who work with them according to Youth Work Ireland in letter to Minister O’Gorman

October 4, 2022

ASBOs have little to offer in youth justice system.

September 21 2022

Young People Need Greater Support in Budget 2023 to avoid bearing the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis

September 8 2022

Data Protection Commissioner’s Fine Illustrates Tech Giants Need Specific Monitoring In Relation to Children and Young People

August 23 2022

Young people living in Direct Provision Centres can no longer wait to have their rights affirmed, vindicated and upheld.

June 20 2022

Government has a Major Role in Responding to Mental Health and Other Issues for Teens

June 14 2022

No Word on Young People who Receive Sub-Minimum Wage in Move to Living Wage 

April 14 2022

Leading Provider of LGBTI Youth Projects Echoes Garda Call on Safety – Youth Projects Can Support LGBTI Young People Particularly in Remote Areas.

April 4 2022

Power to the (young) people: Almost 70% of young people questioned believe they have the power to change society for the better – Data supports the release of Youth Work Ireland’s five-year Strategic Statement, launched by Minister Roderic O’Gorman.

March 29 2022

NCCA Process on Leaving Cert Should Involve Young People from all Backgrounds” says Leading Youth Organisation

March 16 2022

Leading Youth Organisation Mobilises for Ukrainian Refugee Challenge 

February 23 2022

Leading Youth Organisation to Spearhead European Work with Young LGBTI+ People with new funding

February 1 2022

Leaving Cert Decision, a Step Back in Critical Reform of Education System Says Leading Youth Organisation

September 21 2021

Budget 2022 must address post Covid needs of young people who bore most of the brunt of the crisis, says Leading Youth Organisation 

July 19 2021

“Young People Working in Hospitality Will Be Paid Less Than Minimum Wage on Re-opening of Indoor Dining” says Leading Youth Organisation

July 01 2021

“Young People Cannot be Less Favourably Treated in any Further Reopening due to their Vaccination Status – Solidarity is a two-way Process” Says Leading Youth Organisation

June 28 2021

“Youth Clubs need Reinvigoration and Support” after Covid Says Leading Youth Organisation

June 25 2021

Youth Organisations #BringingPrideHome for LGBTI+ Young People Across Ireland

May 06 2021

MEP’s to present on Future of Europe Conference to Dublin Teens

April 26 2021

Monday’s Reopening to be Led by Outdoor Youth Work Celebration 

April 19 2021

“Apprenticeship Plan Welcome, New Occupations and New Routes Need to be Prioritised for Young People” Says Leading Youth Organisation

April 15 2021

“Youth Justice Strategy Continues in the Right Direction” says Leading Youth Organisation

March 31 2021

Leading Youth Organisation to Make the Most of Reopening on April 26th with Outdoor Work Focus

September 07 2020

“Results Day Illustrates Exam System Can be Changed Despite Challenges”  says Leading Youth Organisation

July 30 2020

Mental Health and Alcohol Still Major Issues for Teens says Leading Youth Organisation in Response to Latest Growing Up In Ireland Survey

June 16 2020

Youth Work Ireland has launched a new campaign, marking Pride month, to support young LGBTI+ people impacted by digital poverty #GivetheGiftofPride

June 03 2020

“Massive Youth Unemployment Shock will Require Major Response in post Covid World” says Leading Youth Organisation

May 08 2020

Leaving Cert Saga Illustrates How Distant Decision Makers are From Young People’s Lives and Concerns – Says Leading Youth Organisation

May 06 2020

“New Government Needs Unity on Question of Leaving Exam” Says Leading Youth Organisation

April 03 2020

“Young Peoples Voice Must be Central to Exam Decisions” Says Leading Youth Organisation 

March 24 2020

“Young People and Parents Need Clarity on Exams, Most Disadvantaged in Danger of Missing Out” Says Leading Youth Organisation

March 13 2020

Youth workers deploy digital methods to engage with young people during school closures

January 23 2020

Youth Work Ireland is proud to be part of the ‘Open Generation’, a cross-border and cross-community project aiming to build positive relations by developing emotional resilience, empathy and understanding.

November 05 2019

“Young People’s Rights to Inclusive Sex Education and Information not Being Met” Major youth conference in Dublin hears

October 29 2019

“Ireland at Risk of Being Left behind if UK Embraces Votes at 16 for December Election” Says Leading Youth Organisation

June 27 2019

Over 500 LGBTI+ young people will march with Youth Work Ireland and belong to Youth Services at Dublin Pride

June 05 2019

Critical After School Projects for the Most Disadvantaged Children set to Close due to Childcare Payment Change” Says Leading Youth Organisation

May 15 2019

Young people taking direct actioin to change how sexual health and consent is taught in Irish schools.

April 25 2019

Young and Trans in Rural Ireland – First of its kind resource for young people launched today will help Ireland become more trans-inclusive.

January 30 2019

“No Deal Brexit Creating Uncertainty Today for ERASMUS+ Applicants” says Leading Youth Organisation 

September 25 2018

New Jobs Programme and action on Substance Misuse in Budget will be the real test of recovery for young people” Says Leading Youth Organisation in Budget Submission

June 30 2018

alongside LGBTI+ young people at Dublin PRIDE Parade

April 23 2018

Young people turn away from teachers and parents and towards the internet for sex education

April 09 2018

“Sinn Fein Bill Highlights Legalized Pay Discrimination for Those Doing Equal Work Side by Side” says Leading Youth Organisation

March 21 2018

“Seanad Bill on Votes at 16 Overdue for All Party Support” Says Leading Youth Organisation

January 29 2018

Clare Youth Service Launch Youth Identity Project

October 26 2017

Work with young people in “hot spots” on the streets out of hours central to new youth work model launched today by Minister Zappone at Equality 17 Youth Work Irelands annual Conference Today

September 22 2017

Children’s Minister Launches New Internet Safety Programme with Youth Work Ireland and McAfee Security

September 21 2017

“New Jobs Programme and action on Substance Misuse in Budget will be the real test of recovery for young people” Says Leading Youth Organisation in Budget Submission 

June 26 2017

Largest ever single group of young people marching in Pride Dublin 2017

May 30 2017

Extension of Innovative Experience for Jobs Programme with Youth Groups, Private Sector and Garda Diversion Projects Launched Today by Minister David Stanton TD

April 25 2017

Youth Work Ireland’s Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs) marked its ten-year anniversary in Croke Park

April 24 2017

Generation Welcome – Young people in Ireland leading the way on Equality

March 30 2017

“Sinn Fein’s Seanad Bill on Votes at 16 worthy of All Party Support” Says Leading Youth Organisation

March 30 2017

Youth Services Lead with Traveller Support Pack Following State Recognition

March 02 2017

“Youth Services Can Lead the Way on Working with Travellers After Ethnic Recognition” Says Leading Youth Organisation

November 14 2016

BREXIT and social issues dominate inaugural meeting of the British Irish Parliamentary Youth Assembly in Dublin aimed at giving young people an input to key issues in the relations on the two islands. 

October 29 2016

Youth Work Ireland and Carlow Regional Youth Services launch major mental health programme for young people.

October 26 2016

Hundreds Gather at WellBeing 2016 Conference to Discuss Role of Youth Services in Improving Mental Health and Young Peoples Well Being

October 11 2016

“Sugar Tax Delay a Licence for Lobbying Industry to Ramp Up Opposition to Public Health Measure” Says Leading Youth Organisation

October 06 2016

“Still more work needed on data and transparency on EU Youth Guarantee following Commission Report” says leading youth organisation

October 04 2016

“New Post Jobbridge Programme and action on Substance Misuse in Budget will be the real test of recovery for young people” Says Leading Youth Organisation in Budget Submission

August 31 2016

Major European Youth Meeting for Killarney

July 01 2016

Teens from all over Ireland bring the fun to Limerick

June 24 2016

Record numbers of LGBT young people set to march in Dublin Pride 2016

April 19 2016

Mental Well-being Activities Focus for Ireland’s Largest Youth Organisation This Week