Youth Practitioner Symposia 2024

Youth Work Ireland regularly holds practitioner focused events to engage in review, development and evaluation of practice to ensure positive outcomes for service users. We use youth work methods, to questioning practice in the context of evidence to better understand what we as service providers do, what is working, why we do it and how it can be done better. The purpose of the event is to understand and share best practices,  identify opportunities for cooperation (resource sharing), improve promotion of these services, and to identify policy issues/concerns to be addressed by the Youth Work Ireland Federation collectively.

The themes for the 2024 Symposia are the following

  • Climate Justice and Developmental Youth Work Processes – February 15th.
  • Counselling Supports in Integrated Youth Services – March 13th.
  • One to One Work in Integrated Youth Services – May 22nd.
  • Integrated Youth Work and TUSLA – June 12th.
  • Managing Compliance and Governance Burdens in Integrated Youth Services – September 17th.
  • UBUs in Integrated Youth Services – October 22nd. 
  • HSE Work in Integrated Youth Services – November 20th