Financial Information

Youth Work Ireland receives is core funding under the Youth Services Grant Scheme from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Inclusion and Youth (DECDIY).  A portion of the Youth Services grant is retained by National Office to fund staff and federal activities.  As a designated Intermediary body for the Youth Services Grant, we allocate a share of the grant to our Member Youth Services – see our current Grants Booklet 2024 for more information.  A full report on how our Youth Services Grant is available by accessing the Youth Work Ireland Director’s Report and Final Statement of the Year ending December 2022

The National Youth Federation trading as Youth Work Ireland is a company limited by guarantee registered with the Companies Office.  We are also a registered charity operating within the Republic of Ireland under the Charities Act 2009.  At all levels of the organisation we are committed to excellence in governance and financial management and guide by a robust Finance Policy 

Youth Work Ireland is a membership organisation and in accordance with our Constitution, charges each of our 20 member youth services and annual membership fee. Please click here to see how our Membership Fees are calculated.

Our staff in national office are our most important resource and in so far as is possible we seek to offer staff competitive salaries and good terms and conditions. Please see our Salary Scales 2024.

Youth Work Ireland Financial Statements & Reports