Decisions are made every day of the week that impact the lives of young people in Ireland. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Governments Children’s Strategy require that young people be involved in these decisions as much as possible and ensure that decisions be made in the best interest of youth.

Drawing on our extensive experience of working with thousands of young people around the country, Youth Work Ireland takes an active role in shaping and influencing the key decisions affecting young people.

We do this in a number of ways, by making submissions to the Government, Oireachtas and a variety of agencies, by facilitating a youth led advocacy group Voices of Youth, by meeting with key decision makers on a regular basis, by linking with other NGOs in the Children’s and Youth Sector, and by interacting with the national media.

For more information on our policy work contact Michael McLoughlin

Youth Work Ireland, Policy Brief

In order to better inform thinking and knowledge on policy issues Youth Work Ireland produce a quarterly Policy Brief on issues relevant to the areas of youth and children. The are short updates on current developments in national policy which may be useful. The format will also provide a link for further and more in-depth information on the topic in question – sign up to receive these Policy Updates on our homepage.