Youth Participation

What is youth participation in Youth Work Ireland?

It has long been a vision of Youth Work Ireland to strengthen young people’s roles throughout the various structures of the federation and to facilitate real participation. Our approach to youth participation is not just about ensuring that young people are given opportunities to make decisions about their own lives, but also about our own work and about issues in society in general. This means that Youth Work Ireland is an advocate for change which allows for greater and more meaningful youth participation in Irish society.

Globally, it is seen as a fundamental right of a child, to contribute to decisions that affect them (Article 12 of the UNCRC). Through our governance structure which gives young people a seat at the table and a voice in decision making. We see the value of young people being involved in decision-making of the organisation on a national level. This guides us in line with national and international best practice standards and importantly provides an opportunity for Youth Work Ireland to lead the way in showing that young people can govern, can make important decisions and can successfully lead the largest youth work organisation in the country.

The Irish Youth Music Awards 2015 // Photography by Ruth Medjber //
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