European Projects

Youth Work Ireland works with a number of leading European based youth organisations to create opportunities and collaborative activities for young people. Our work strengthens relationships between young people and youth workers and offers young people the chance for exchange visits and valuable learning opportunities. This work empowers young people and youth organisations to joinly tackle issues that affect all European youth.

YES Project: Youth Empowerment in SRE (Sexual and Reproductive Education)

The YES Project is a Europe wide initiative to provide young people with empowering sexual health and reproductive education in a community setting. Collaborating with ECYC (European Confederation of Youth Clubs) and LOGO Jugendmanagement we will work over the next two years to develop the capacity of youth organisations to deliver SRE to young people. This project is based on the need identified by Youth Work Ireland through a consultation with young people in Spring 2018, for young people to be involved in the development of a resource to support their learning around health and safety issues related to their sexual health. Find out more>>

CoOp Project

The Cooperate to Operate Project (CoOp) ran from 2017 - 2019 and aimed at enhancing the collaboration between Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and youth organizations, to promote and encourage private investment in youth development, and education. The goal of the project was to support youth workers and youth organisations to diversify their funding sources and attract investments from the business sector, by professionalizing them in the field of CSR & fundraising from SMEs.

CoOp Aims

  • Literature review and desk research to build an overall picture and a produce a summary report.
  • Design of a survey aimed at youth organisations in each country, to assess their current level of engagement with CSR, and in particular with SMEs
  • Interviews and document case studies with both youth organisations and SMEs for a more in-depth look at their experience/motivations/fears etc in this area.

Our partners in this project are Asset Technology (Greece), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway), Fundaction Robinson Crusoe (Poland) and Fundiata Danis (Romania).

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Skills IT for Youth

In 2018 Youth Work Ireland began working on a exciting and innovative new project - Skills IT for Youth which will examine how best to equip youth workers with digital skills to enhance young people’s futures in the 21st century – with particular referenced to their employability. The project will help enable youth workers to support young people in developing their ICT, digital and social media skills to enhance their employability, civic participation and wellbeing. This programme is supported by Erasmus+ and Leargas. The project will enable youth organisations to improve the services provided to young people by professionalising youth workers in using ICT, digital and social media. It will also contribute to the development of competences & quality standards for youth workers, and reinforce the links between policy, research & practice in the field of digital youth work.

The project will develop new activities in daily youth work to include technology, making the interaction more dynamic. It will bring digital content into youth work and it will help develop online services for youth people. Our partners in this project include Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie Poland, Fundatia Danis, Romania, Norsensus Mediaforum, Norway, Camara Education, Ireland, KDYS, Ireland.

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Erasmus + Youth Work Music & Cultural Entrepreneurship

Youth Work Ireland has formed a strategic partnership with youth services from across Europe who use music as a tool for supporting the development of young people. These partners include; UK Youth, Youth Cymru (Wales), Samfés (Iceland), Youth Scotland, Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre and Youth Action Northern Ireland, with Youth Work Ireland as the lead partner. The most recent achievement of this partnership has been the successful funding of a KA2 Erasmus + project entitled Youth Work ‐ Music and Cultural Entrepreneurship. The end result of this project is the design of an online toolkit/site on how to use music as a tool for engaging and retaining young people in youth services, as well as creating an online community of other youth services from across Europe that use music. Learn more>>

As part of this collaboration a special edition of Scene Magazine was published which sought to capture the experience of a diverse range of youth organisations and practitioners and to provide ideas about practice that can support Irish youth work practitioners in developing their own practice.

Youth Worker Mobility

Youth Work Ireland, KDYS, UK Youth, ERYICA (Luxembourg), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway) & Agenzija Zghazagh (Malta)

This event saw the Governing Body of ERYICA (The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) meeting in Killarney as part of an enhanced engagement in Ireland. The meeting was organised by KDYS and Youth Work Ireland, and examined a variety of EU wide topics relevant to young people and youth services today.

The main focus of ERYICA is supporting and promoting quality general youth information policy and practice at all levels, a process which KDYS lead on in Kerry and Youth Work Ireland nationally. The meeting and an associated seminar in Dublin worked to further develop critical areas of youth information provision in Ireland and throughout the EU. ERYICA is composed of national bodies (non-governmental or governmental) which seek to guarantee the right of young people to full and reliable information, which helps them make the choices they face in their lives, and which promotes their autonomy and their active participation in a democratic society.

KA2 Traveller Youth Work Project

This is a joint project lead by Youth Work Ireland with the support of Involve, YouthAction Northern Ireland and An Munia Tober. The project aims at identifying, developing and sharing best practice approaches for engaging with, retaining and working with Young Travellers. 

The main focus of the project was to develop easily used tools that help organisations to effectively support Traveller youth work. These tools specifically address gaps that may exist at the management and governance levels of youth work organisations. The realisation that supports were required at a senior level within organisations, came about only after we initiated the project and began to engage in focus groups with youth workers, young people and staff in partner organisations. 

The project is funded through the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices,and accessed through the support of Leargas, The National Agency Through this funding it is possible for organisations from different participating countries to work together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth.

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