YES- Youth Empowerment in SRE

The Yes Project is a Europe wide initiative to provide young people with empowering sexual health and reproductive education in a community setting. Collaborating with ECYC (European Confederation of Youth Clubs) and LOGO Jugendmanagement to develop the capacity of youth organisations and youth workers to deliver SRE to young people. This project is based on the need identified by Youth Work Ireland through a consultation with young people in Spring 2018, for young people to be involved in the development of a resource to support their learning around health and safety issues related to their sexual health.

The YES Project will consist of 3 one-hour sessions focusing on one topic with the aim of supporting youth workers and educators in their practice.

Booking delivery of the YES programme for your group

The YES project can be delivered to young people aged 14-24 and it is free of charge. We just ask that you provide the venue and are there on the day/s of delivery to provide support to the group.

If you are interested in the Our Generation Team directly delivering YES to a group of young people you are working with then please email us at

The areas covered in the YES Project are:

Session One

Sexuality Identity and Healthy Relationships

This session will enable participants to get to know each other, settle into a group work process, and understand the contents of the programme. This session also sets the scene for group behaviour by establishing a group contract so that participants feel safe discussing sensitive topics; it also ensures that participants are clear about respecting one another.

Session Two

Communicating Consent

This session enables participants to explore what consent means. It will help the participants to develop their language around consent so that they can better communicate their consent and respect the consent and non-consent of others. The session will explore boundaries through role-play to enable participants to develop the skills of communicating their consent. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice developing appropriate responses for when consent is given or not given.


Session Three

Wider Influences and Decision Making

This session enables the participants to explore wider influences on their sexual decision making. Through exploration of the impact of peers, family, culture, and media, participants will be supported to raise their awareness of how these shape their personal choices when it comes to sexual decision making. Participants will gain an understanding of how their decision making works and will include logic and reasoning as well as gut-based / emotion-based decision making. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with their future selves and connect with the types of decisions and choices they can make that align them with their vision of themselves.


YES Online Facilitator Training 

YES facilitator training is open to all youth workers, youth club volunteers, educators, or anyone in a position to work with young people. If you are working with young people in the counties of Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, and Monaghan, and are interested in delivering workshops in relationships and sexual health, we offer FREE online training.

Check out our free YES Sample Pack and watch the info video from LOGO Jjugendmanagement.