What it feels like to be a young person

What it feel likes to be a young person

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am an adolescent from Navan Co. Meath and I am here to talk about “what it feels like to be a young person”. Firstly I would like to say that it is not easy !! , having to go to school, do homework and exams. I personally find it very stressful to study and to do my homework. I always seem to worry about what my results will be but at the same time I want to do my absolute best.

Secondly I would like to mention the problem young people my age or maybe even younger using the vapes. I have noticed that they have become really popular and the teachers don’t really do much about it. Sometimes when I am in school and I want to use the bathroom I cant because there is a lot girls in there vaping. I feel like vaping has become a massive problem especially amongst young people, but I would also like to say that being a young person isn’t always negative. We don’t have to pay bills or taxes we have our parents to feed and look after us and we always have a trusted adult to talk to when we are feeling down or sad I would also like to mention Navan West because they always reminded me that they would be there if I was worried and stressed about something and I would like to thank them for being there in the group along with the other kids in the group.

Being young isn’t too bad because we still have time to hangout with our friends and have fun and enjoy ourselves. Its not like we have a job to worry about and having to get up really early for work. I also enjoy having a fun day with my friends like going shopping , the arcade or getting a McDonalds. When you are young you get to have fun and live and laugh amongst friends and family and the best thing about it is that you know you will look back when you are older and say I had a great life.

That is all I have to say thank you for listening and Remember… YOLO!!