Connecting You App

Connecting You – Launch of new Information App for Young People

Connecting You is an interactive app for young people that allows then to very quickly find information on services and issues relevant to them. The user is asked five questions that guides their journey through the app to the relevant topic or service that they may need at that particular time. The app was launched at the Infonomics: Facts Matter conference hosted by Youth Work Ireland and Youth Work Ireland Tipperary which took place on October 4th and 5th in Ballykisteen, Co Tipperary.

Connecting You is designed for young people in Ireland, to navigate the complex digital landscape while ensuring they get high quality information. Users are provided with information about topics relevant to young people i.e. sexual health, depression, grief etc. as well the services and resources offered by local and national agencies so that they can access the help and support they may need. The app also contains links to external websites, YouTube videos, blogs, and relevant articles that relate to the topic the young person is looking for more information on. If someone is in need of emergency help there’s also an urgent help section where users can access the emergency support services that are available 24/7. Young people were involved at every stage of the app development and Youth Work Ireland Local Youth Services work to collect and maintain information of relevance to young people.

Speaking about Connecting You!, Caolan Faux, CEO of Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan, said, “Connecting You! is a quantum leap forward in Youth Information in Ireland with a comprehensive directory of services and reliable information that matters to young people made accessible for young people.”

“With Connecting You!. young people can ask questions anonymously and get the help they need with easy access,” said Ella, 16, from  16, Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan.

Aisling Moloney, a young person speaking at Infonomics, explained that youth information “has supported me for many years to get the information I needed at every stage of my life, no matter what my interests or challenges”

Connecting You can be downloaded from Google Play Store here>>