Political Briefing 2023

Youth Work Ireland’s Political Briefing 2023

This year our Political Briefing took place on Wednesday April 26th in Buswells Hotel, Dublin. This event is a regular in the calendar of our Member Youth Services and provides an opportunity for us as a Federation to join together to communicate the value and impact youth work has in local communities in Ireland.

This year we welcomed over 95 Oireachtas members to an informal meeting with young people, senior youth work managers, youth workers and volunteers where we spoke with them about our four key asks which were 

  1. Support a strategy of “Safe Spaces” for young people, youth clubs and projects ensuring quality buildings and facilities in all communities particularly through National Planning Guidelines.
  2. Support a Unified Counselling System for Local Youth Services.
  3. Amend the Electoral Acts to Allow Votes at 16 for Local and European elections in 2024.
  4. Support the reinvigoration of Youth Clubs as a key grassroot activity for young people particularly in isolated communities .