Youth Work Symposium – Gender Based Violence

Youth Worker Symposium

Addressing Gender Based Violence and Supporting Positive Gender Identity and Consent

Date: Wednesday November 2nd, 2022
Time: 11.30am – 3pm (registration from 11am)
Venue: Youth Work Ireland, National Offices, Dublin 

This event will feature short inputs from practitioners who currently run, or are involved in programmes that support young people’s understanding of gender based violence, consent and positive gender identity.
Space will be provided for networking and for discussion of questions such as:

  • What role can youth work play in addressing these issues?
  • What kind of work is currently taking place?
  • Who is doing what?
  • What is effective in this area and how do we know?

Inputs from

  • Ryan Shaw, Youth Action Northern Ireland
  • Tracey McArdle, Our Generation Team, Youth Work Ireland
  • Caroline Stott, Clare Youth Service
  • Karen Fahey, Youth Work Ireland Tipperary
  •  Joyce Brennan, In Sync Youth and Family Service
  • Joe Hawkins, National Youth Council of Ireland

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