MEP’s to present on Future of Europe Conference to Dublin Teens

MEPs Clare Daly and Barry Andrews are to present their views on the Future of Europe Conference which will be launched this Sunday at an event for young people in Dublin 15 tomorrow, Friday. The event, which is part of a European Youth Card Association campaign to further knowledge about Europe and youth advocacy, will take place in Luttrelstown Community College and is supported by Youth Work Ireland, it will feature young people from a number of schools who will join virtually.

“Young people already have a voice – we have been speaking about the injustices, the issues, the solutions. We deserve the guarantee that we will be listened to and actually heard. We deserve more than ‘we support you and hear you’. We need to see the actions that reflect that. And that’s what this campaign is about. #STANDFORSOMETHING is Europe-wide campaign, focused on providing a platform for young voices and advocating for a stronger role in youth in decision making processes and promoting youth participation in politics and activism” Said Martyna Pawlak (18), Ireland’s Youth Ambassador for the campaign.

The #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign was officially launched on 6 May, 2021, with the purpose of enhancing youth engagement in the Conference on The Future of Europe. The initiative is funded by the European Parliament and implemented in partnership with Youth Work Ireland and the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) targeting a community of 7 million cardholders across Europe.

The campaign is directly contributing to youth civic participation in the largest democratic exercise at the European level, ensuring youth voices are heard at policy level. Running as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, #STANDFORSOMETHING calls for young people to take a stand and voice their views on the issues that matter to them. As well as contributing to the official Conference platforms, young Europeans can join the conversation through the We #STANDFORSOMETHING Conversations Facebook group and attend the many events being planned across Europe.


Contact: Michael Mc Loughlin 087 6677499 (Audio links to follow)