Apprenticeship Plan Welcome, New Occupations and New Routes Need to be Prioritised for Young People

Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
19 April, 2021

“Apprenticeship Plan Welcome, New Occupations and New Routes Need to be Prioritised for Young People” Says Leading Youth Organisation

Youth Work Ireland has welcomed the announcement of a new plan for Apprenticeships from Minister Simon Harris. The organisation, whose members deliver several employment projects for disadvantaged young people, has said the incentives provided are welcome but need to be accompanied by a greater rebranding of the idea of apprenticeship and enhanced communication with young people on the initiative as an alternative to third level and the points race. The organisation believes that youth organisations have a crucial role to play in linking young people to apprenticeship programme. Economic activity is one of the key outcomes for children and young people under Better Outcomes Brighter Futures and the National Youth Strategy. The group believes we are clearly facing another employment crisis for young people and all enhanced measures to deal with this are welcome.

“Apprenticeship has been a great route for young people in to stable and rewarding employment for years. It is a key instrument for many who do not want to go to other third level colleges. These are critical routes in an education system which is so focussed on the points race and third level colleges. There are a number of other routes that need to be highlighted and can serve young people well. We also need to communicate that apprenticeships have moved well beyond the traditional ‘trades’ and there is a whole range of other areas in new economic areas where apprenticeships are available such as media, finance,  pharma, ICT and many more. The outcomes of youth work are very much in keeping with the soft skills many employers are looking for. The Government should build on the work carried out by the youth sector.”

“The Covid and post Covid world will be with us for some time. Across Government we will have major issues for children and young people. We can also envisage an emergence from the pandemic and possibly a rebounding of economic activity. Young people have endured significant disruption to their education, employment, family, and social life, as well as the impact on their well-being, future careers and life plans as a result of the pandemic. National and International reports indicate that young people have been affected disproportionately. Education and training measures focussed on employment for young people will be critical in the forthcoming period for young people” Mc Loughlin added



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