Local Youth Club Grant Scheme 2021

Introduction to the Local Youth Club Grant Scheme incorporating the National Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups:

The Local Youth Club Grant Scheme supports volunteer-led youth club/group activities at a local level. The Scheme, which provides grant aid towards the costs of running clubs/groups, is part-funded by the proceeds of the National Lottery. Funding for the Scheme is provided by the Department of Children, Equality, Integration, Disability and Youth(DCEDIY) and is administered locally by Education and Training Boards (ETBs) as co-grantor and on behalf of DCEDIY. ETBs advertise the Scheme locally on an annual basis, outlining the purpose of the grant and the eligibility criteria.

Local Youth Club Grant Scheme Application form 2021

Local Youth Club Group Scheme Guidance Notes

Local Youth Club Group Scheme Information Memo

Statement of Assurance – Local Youth Club Scheme 2021

The Scheme supports voluntary youth club/group activities for young people; with priority given to clubs/groups catering for young people aged 10–21. The primary focus of the Scheme is to assist local volunteer-led youth clubs/groups that provide a programme of youth work activities for young people. In addition, other clubs/groups that work with young people, but are not specifically providing youth work, are also entitled to apply for funding under the Scheme.