Youth Empowerment in Sexual Health

Youth Empowerment in Sexual Health: Panel Discussion and Debate

Date:           Friday 22nd January 2021
Time:           10am CET / 9am GMT
Venue:        Zoom Link>>

Invitation to join the European Confederation of Youth Clubs (ECYC) for an online panel discussion on the evolving situation regarding sexual and reproductive education in Europe and the role of youth work.

About this Event:
Recent years have seen a wave of negative public attitudes and government constraints on investment in good quality sexual and reproductive education (SRE). The most notable are the amendment passed by the Romanian Parliament in June 2020 to prohibit gender studies in all education institutions, or the October 2019 draft law that seeks to make the provision of sex education to minors a crime in Poland.

Despite research evidence and existing international guidelines that prove the efficacity and importance of SRE delivery in formal and non-formal settings, these and other similar initiatives affect young people’s rights and block education that could save lives.

How can we ensure that young people are not cheated of their education rights, that are both a standalone fundamental right, and a precondition for the enjoyment of other fundamental rights and freedoms? How can we make the shift from politicized contest, back to evidence- based decisions when it comes to SRE? How can youth clubs create programs and safe spaces for the delivery of SRE?

In trying to answer some of these questions, the European Confederation of Youth Clubs ECYC is organising an online panel discussion on the evolving situation regarding SRE in Europe and the role of youth work. Youth Work has the opportunity and a responsibility to generate momentum, advocate for adequate resources ensuring the delivery of SRE, and share experiences and practices.

We are also interested in hearing from you if you wish to share your experiences or concerns on these topics. We have developed spaces for exchange on five different topics, following the debate which are:

1.     SRE in and around Youth Policy
2.     Successful SRE projects and programs
3.     Youth workers educational needs
4.     Young people’s educational needs
5.     Working with local communities

To follow the debate, and/or to sign up for the discussions after, please register using this link:

Target Audience: Youth workers, educators, policy makers, academics and anyone who works with young people and is interesting in learning more about SRE.

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For more information please contact:

Rareş Augustin CRĂIUŢ,
ECYC Secretary General ¦ +32 479 633 577