Youth Work Ireland – Lockdown Transition

Youth Work Ireland – Lockdown Transition Statement

Youth Work Ireland Local Member Youth Services are pleased to announce the release of a national roadmap for the transition of our work from its current mostly virtual state back to our usual physical, in-person services.

Since March 12th, Youth Work Ireland Member Services have successfully managed the essential and sudden transition to a programme of online services. These programmes have allowed us to continue to reach young people throughout the country, supporting their full range of needs and aspirations. Many examples of this work can be seen across our social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #youthworkworks

In addition to our new on-line and telephone work, Youth Work Ireland Member Services have continued to provide a range of crucial real-world services in communities across Ireland. Some of the services our dedicated teams have been able to deliver include crisis support, delivery of food packages and activity packs to homes, street outreach, and public safety work.

By utilising proper risk assessment, following official guidance, and working at the request of state agencies, we have been able to ensure the safety and compliance of all.

Today, we are delighted to take a step forward by issuing the Youth Work Ireland roadmap for the next three months. In accordance with the most up to date HSE guidelines, our roadmap outlines the steps we plan to take over the coming months. Prioritising the most vulnerable young people in our communities is our top priority as we make these transitions, we then aim to return to services that further aid and encourage all young people through youth work programmes, supports, and opportunities.

Download the National Roadmap pdf>>

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