Young People and Parents Need Clarity on Exams, Most Disadvantaged in Danger of Missing Out

Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
24 March 2020

“Young People and Parents Need Clarity on Exams, Most Disadvantaged in Danger of Missing Out” Says Leading Youth Organisation

Young people need clarity on exams due to the rapidly changing situation on Covid-19 according to Youth Work Ireland whose members deliver a number of interventions aimed at the most educationally disadvantaged. The organisation has said that the most disadvantaged are in danger of losing out with schools out and the lack of clarity around exams. The federation of 21 Member Youth Services have pointed to the decision in the UK some time ago to cancel state exams due to Covid-19. Given the escalation of the situation in the last number of days the organisation believes clarity is needed for young people facing into exams and that the most disadvantaged are missing out in terms of education as it is well recognised they have less support at home to do educational work independently

“Schools were the first to close from March 12th, but we have heard little about young people’s educational needs since then, there is clearly growing uncertainty about the feasibility of holding state exams and the UK have already made a call on this. Young people need clarity and for those in exam classes key decisions about third level and other career options depend on these exams. If alternative arrangements are to be put in place a lot of work will have to be done, students may effectively be required to repeat a year and backlogs, or congestion could arise for future years. A lot of thought, planning and discussion is needed around this question and young people and parents need to be involved. There may be ways of delivering the Leaving Cert only but increasingly some students are going to be disadvantaged compared to others” said Michael Mc Loughlin from Youth Work Ireland

“Young people have been subjected to all sorts of criticism in the current crisis but there have been no dedicated measures aimed at young people while there have rightly been huge efforts targeted at a number of sectors. The closure of schools provides immense challenges for young people and youth organisations have been doing their best to fill the enormous gap. Young people deserve to have their needs considered at the moment and exams are front and centre in this, if there is to be change, we need to start planning now” Mr Mc Loughlin added


Contact: Michael Mc Loughlin 087 6677499