LGBTI Youth Groups

LGBTI+ Youth Groups 

Through our membership we provide safe and supportive spaces for young LGBTI+ people to explore and celebrate their identity and access supports should they need them.

Bluebell Youth Project - LGBTI+ & Friends

Bluebell Youth Project’s LBGTI+ & Friends Group is for young people aged 15 and over. Bluebell Youth Project is a community based youth project based in Dublin city. The project works with over 300 young people aged 10-25 through informal education and youth work processes. This new LGBTI+ ally group is a new group which welcomes members for fun and activities.

Carlow Regional Youth Service

MUI- Meaning ‘My Unique Individuality’ is a teenage LGBT Group based in Carlow Regional Youth Services. The group, which was formed in October 2011 welcomes anyone who is gay, lesbian, bi or transgender to questioning their identity. The group meets weekly in the Vault Burrin Street and is a space for LGBT+ young people to meet other young people, make friends, talk about things important to them and have fun!

CDYS Skittles LGBTI+

Skittles is a new LGBTI+ group in CDYS Fermoy, it runs every Friday from 4-6pm! The aim of this group is to have a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for any young person who identifies as LGBTI+ in the community.

Skittles LGBTI+ group is the first of its type in the locality! This group was established through a need that was identified by the youth council in CDYS Fermoy!

Clare Youth Service - Ally Spaces

Clare Youth Services youth ally groups are a welcoming and inclusive space for all LGBTI+ young people and allies.  The groups work towards increasing the knowledge, awareness, and support of LGBTI+ young people and the wider gay community. The ally groups create a safe and inclusive environment for young people of all sexual identities and genders in Clare, and advocate for a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Donegal Youth Service

BreakOut is a youth project focused on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender young people aged between 12 and 30 years. The project operates a weekly drop-in provision in Donegal Youth Services, Letterkenny, as well as training, information and one to one support.   BreakOut is a project for young LGBTI people, LGBTI Allies and young people that believe in social justice

FDYS Youth Work Ireland

FDYS’s LGBT+ Youth Support works with young LGBT+ people up to age 24 and is based in Francis Street, Wexford. It is currently integrated within the Cloister Senior Drop-in on a Thursday evening from 17:30-20:00. We have a qualified, dynamic team of youth workers present with a specific LGBT+ Project Worker and the group runs a comprehensive list of programmes. 1:1 support is also available and can be made by appointment with Emma. This is available for any young person who may be apprehensive about coming to the group for the first time, or people who may need support on a range of LGBT+ issues. For anyone that may be interested, contact Emma on or call 053 9123262

In Sync Youth & Family Services

In Sync Youth & Family Service’s Kildare LGBT+ is a youth group for LGBTI+ young people aged 14-18. It is a drop in centre that is free of charge for young people and friends. KLGBT+ provide a space for young people to hang out and develop friendships with like minded people, feel included and share their experiences in a safe environment with support from members of the Youth Work Team and trained volunteers.

Young people will have the opportunity to express themselves through art, bake, attend workshops on a range of LGBT+ issues, build their confidence and just hang out and have fun.


KDYS offer a wide support network for young LGBTI+  people aged 15 – 21 years across their services in the county of Kerry. KDYS provides a wide range of activities for all young people in our region. All LGBTI+ programmes and activities are based on a youth work approach which ensures that young people want to be involved and that by doing so their own development towards adulthood will benefit enormously. Our aim is to ensure that all of our activities result in Better Outcomes for young people in line with Irelands National Policy for Children and Young People.

Limerick Youth Service

The LGBTI+ youth group in Limerick Youth Service is for young people (14-18yrs) who are looking for a safe space to express themselves and meet like-minded peers. Run in partnership with GOSSH the group meet every Friday at Lava Javas Youth Café from 5-7pm. The aim of the group is to allow young people who identify as Trans+ to meet and socialise in a safe, supportive environment that is free from prejudice, discrimination and social exclusion. The group has a programme of fun activities which are chosen by members of the group. 

Ossory Youth

Ossory Youth’s Open Door Youth Group is a gay-straight youth alliance. The group is open to all gay or straight young people between the age of 12 and 18 who would like to participate in a fun and exciting LGBT friendly environment. The group meets weekly in Ossory Youth and the strength in Open Door is the young people involved in the group and the steering committee and why it has been growing in membership.

The Hut Youth Project - Cork

‘UP Cork’ is a youth project for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & questioning (LGBTQ) young people aged 15-23 years run from The Hut Youth Project. The project provides one-to-one and group support to allow LGBTQ young people to safely engage with confidence building, personal development, peer support and making friends. It also affords young people a space where they can experience inclusion, acceptance, social justice, fun and safety. The group meets on a weekly basis. Programme activities to date have included a series of short-term projects such as drama, self-defence, drug awareness, mental health / peer support and come dine with me. We also have long-term projects such as the rap project and the youth exchange programme.

Waterford &  South Tipperary Community Youth Service

WSTCYS’s ChillOUT Youth Project works with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) young people in Waterford City and the Southeast and provides a safe supportive community where LGBTI+ young people are accepted and appreciated for who they are and encouraged to take PRIDE in themselves. Learning and awareness of LGBTI+ experiences and issues is created and addressed through activities and where young people have a say and take charge of running their own affairs.

Youth Work Ireland Co. Longford

WYLD is a group for young people ran by County Longford Youth Service who identify as LGBTI and their friends to gather in a safe and supportive environment to have fun, chat, meet new people and take part in various activities. The group is open to all young people aged 13+. If you are interested in finding out more about this group please contact Mark 0868536438 by Call or Text

Youth Work Ireland Galway

Youth Work Ireland Galway’s shOUT! group works with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender or questioning young people aged 14-17 years of age in the Galway region. Through weekly social meetings, shOUT aims to provide a place where young LGBT people can be themselves and socialise with their peers in an open and accepting environment, thus empowering the youth of the west and encouraging a similar attitude in society at large. The project aims to promote friendships with peers, to provide an experience of inclusion, acceptance, and social justice. The project also works to address issues and concerns affecting all young people today.

Youth Work Ireland Laois

Youth Work Ireland Laois’s Luckout is an LGBTI+ project which supports young people aged between 15-24, once a week. We support two LGBTI+ groups, a younger group aged 15-18 and an older group aged 18-24, as well as a trans/non-binary gender fluid specific support group. The groups provide a safe space, a place to discuss issues, be themselves, plan inclusive events and provide personal development programmes. 

Trans Midlands is a group for anyone over 18 in the midlands who is transgender, non binary, intersex or questioning. The group is a safe peer support and social space for our members to meet others. If you would like to register or get more information on this group, email us at

Youth Work Ireland Meath

Youth Work Ireland Meath’s LGBTI+ group works with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender or questioning young people aged 13-24 years of age in the Meath region. Through weekly social meetings, the LGBTI+ support group aims to provide a place where young LGBTI+ people can be themselves and socialise with their peers in an open and accepting environment, thus empowering the young people of County Meath and encouraging a similar attitude in society at large.

Youth Work Ireland Midlands

Youth Work Ireland Midlands provide supports and services to young LGBTI+ people through dedicated group meet ups, coffee afternoons in their clubs and projects. These groups are open to all young LGBTI+ people and those questioning their identities. The groups are safe and confidential spaces for young people aged 15+ to meet other young people, have fun, get support and take part in activities.

Youth Work Ireland Monaghan

LGBTI Youth Committee is a support service for young LGBT+ young people delivered from Youth Work Ireland Cavan/Monaghan.  It offers support in a non judgemental environment to young LGBT+ people up to the age of 25 in Monaghan. Through contact on line we hope to support young LGBT people and those questioning their sexuality.

Youth Work Ireland North Connaught

Youth Work Ireland North Connaught’s Smily is a youth project focused on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered young people between the ages of 14 & 23 years in Sligo and Leitrim. Smily offers a weekly drop-in service based in Sligo and provides training, information and supports to LGBT+ young people. Smily provides a safe and fun environment where LGBT+ young people can be who they are, and can socialise with like minded people in an accepting space.  

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary

OUTstanding is a group for LGBTI+ young people and ally friends aged 14-18 to hang out in a safe informal setting to have fun. The group run from Youth Work Ireland Tipperary meets as a countywide group once a month, and local OUTstanding groups also meet in Templemore and Tipperary Town