Youth Work Ireland have launched the #GivetheGiftofPride campaign to support young LGBTQI+ people participate in Dublin Pride.

Throughout Pride Month, we are asking people to support the young LGBTQI+ community in Ireland and make a once-off donation of €30 to help cover the cost of travel for young people from rural Ireland participate in the Dublin Pride parade.

The year we will be Protesting – Remembering and Celebrating the LGBTQI+ community and its journey to full inclusion, participation and equality. This journey has had many ups and down, and it is easy to say that much progress has been made in recent years and decades in Ireland pertaining to the rights of young LGBTQI+ people. But, there is still much work to be done in order for Ireland to reach true equality and for young LGBTQI+ people to feel included and valued.

We know that young people participating in Pride come away with a feeling of belonging, empowerment, acceptance and joy, and we want to support each young LGBTQI+ person who wishes to march in Pride to do so. 

Many of our LGBTQI+ youth groups are located in rural Ireland and the increasing costs of transport means that not all can afford to come to Dublin to celebrate and march in Pride – but you can help by donating below.