Pillar One: Communications

We will promote and communicate our work, as a National Office, in service to our Member Youth Services and to confirm our role as an organisation for our organisations within Youth Work Ireland.

To advance our work under this pillar we will:

  1. Communicate our role and purpose as the National Office in service to the federation and as set out in our Membership Charter.
  2. Co-create a communication strategy, and plan for the federation in partnership with our Member Youth Services.
  3. Work in unison with the federation to purposefully show and share the value of youth work, youth participation and youth clubs.
  4. Tell the story of the work of the federation, through a range of methods, researching, documenting and affirming the
    benefits and power of youth work to transform lives.
  5. Celebrate and share the power and positivity of youth work as a vital and valuable way to address policy imperatives.