Pillar 2: Advocacy

We will continue to advocate, as a National Office of the federation, on all matters relating to youth work and young people as identified by our Member Youth Services. We are, and will continue to be, the collective voice for our Member Youth Services and young people.

To advance our work under this pillar we will:

  1. We will track our progress by monitoring the advocacy messages and their impact on public awareness, policy formation and the
    evolution of youth work.
  2. Co-create an advocacy strategy and plan for the federation in partnership with our Member Youth Services.
  3. Respond to issues arising and seize opportunities to advocate on matters relevant to youth and youth work as identified by our Member Youth Services.
  4. Work with our Member Youth Services to harness the local lessons and stories from their work on the ground in order
    to formulate national policy messages from shared experiences.
  5. Be the first point of consultation for government departments on youth work, youth clubs and youth related matters.
    Claim the space through assertive communication of the value of youth work as an enabler of good outcomes for young people