Youth Work Ireland Week 2022

This year’s Youth Work Ireland Week takes place from Saturday April 9th – Saturday April 16th and will see hundreds of events and activities taking place across Youth Work Ireland Member Youth Services.

Youth Work Ireland Week is a chance for us to celebrate and promote the work local youth services do every week in communities around Ireland. Throughout the week young people will take part in events and activities that promote, evidence and celebrate youth work and achieve positive outcomes. We will publish a National Schedule of Events nearer the day and if you want your activities included in this – please click here>>

Each year we focus on a theme and develop an activity / programme pack which provides young people with the opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge, learning and skills around the theme.
  • Participate in activities that support personal and social development outcomes.
  • Have their voices heard on the issues that are important to them.
  • Showcase and promote the work of our MYS.
  • Have fun

This year we are excited to launch a brand new Youth Clubs Activity Pack which will be packed with fun and practical activities workers and volunteers can pick up on a clubs night and deliver to their group. The pack will be structured around the club year and will be based on themes and topics relevant to young people. The activities will be structured to achieve learning outcomes for young people and we be embedded in the principles of youth work and reflective of youth work models and theories.