The Feel-Good Activity Pack

Youth Work Ireland Week is celebrating Youth Work Ireland Week 2022 with the launch of a brand new activity pack for youth clubs – the Feel-Good Activity Pack!! 

This pack was developed in response to an articulated need by our Member Youth Services and through consultations with young people, youth workers and volunteers. It is jam packed with fun activities, games and crafts youth clubs and groups can take part in.

The Pack was developed with and for young people and youth workers and the topics and activities in the pack were identified by young people and youth leaders as the issues and areas of most interest and relevance to them. 

The pack will be distributed to youth clubs around Ireland during Youth Work Ireland Week which takes place from April 9th – April 16th. We hope that those who volunteer to support our clubs, will find The Feel-Good Activity pack an inspiration, a valuable source of ideas and a comprehensive menu of pursuits which will enhance the youth club experience in their communities.

The Pack is structured around the traditional youth club year so kicking off in September with ice breakers and relationship building activities, then matching activities to celebration days during each month and going through to May, where the young people will have formed friendships and will have gained new skills, knowledge and had fun!! The pack also contains suggestions and ideas for summer programme events and activities.