A Bit Done – More to do for Young People in Budget 2022” Says Leading Youth Organisation

Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
October 12, 2021

“A Bit Done – More to do for Young People in Budget 2022” Says Leading Youth Organisation

The Government has begun to show an encouraging interest in addressing the numerous issues facing young people coming out of the pandemic but there is still a very long way to go according to Youth Work Ireland after the publication of Budget 2022. The organisation has welcomed measures like reduced travel rates for young people and the start of addressing the situation regarding sub-minimum wages and an apparent further increase in funding for youth work. The organisation, whose members work with over 100,000 young people around Ireland believes a lot more support is needed particularly in refocussing education and training and completing an equality agenda which includes addressing lower unemployment assistance based solely on age.

“Today’s budget saw some movement on critical issues flagged by those working with children and young people, and in so far as these go it is to be welcomed. Making public transport cheaper for young people is an important measure for long term climate policy and eases one burden on young people. It will embed the public transport habit for later in life. We very much welcome the start of a process to address the sub minimum wages paid to young people who have worked so hard throughout the pandemic to ensure others could go about their lives. The broad sub-head for young people’s programmes in DCEDIY shows an 11 % increase and we want to see this translated into frontline youth services and better funding of what is currently in place. If this is the case it will mark the second year in arow when some of the damage of previous cuts is being reversed

“There are still other areas that need attention such as the delivery of various guidelines on diet and exercise for young people through schools and voluntary youth services, for example those recommended by Safe Food Ireland, a fund for community-based sports and leisure activity for young people and an increase in support for literacy and numeracy work in schools and voluntary youth services. More work is still needed on the issue of the most educationally disadvantaged and the voluntary youth services who work with early school leavers and the hardest to reach young people.  Certified learning in these informal settings along with a broad range of youth activities to combat anti-social behaviour in our communities would go a long way to include these marginalised young people. We would also like to see more done on the implementation of the National Substance Misuse Policy” Mr Mc Loughlin added

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