Budget 2022 must address post Covid needs of young people who bore most of the brunt of the crisis,

Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
Sept 21, 2022

“Budget 2022 must address post Covid needs of young people who bore most of the brunt of the crisis, says Leading Youth Organisation

In its pre-budget submission today Youth Work Ireland has pointed out that as with the previous recession all research has shown young people have been hit the worst by Covid in terms of the economy, their mental health, education, and employment The organisation has also sought that public transport to made free for all under 25’s to embed climate friendly behaviour in society for the future and build a culture of public transport use. In its Budget Submission the organisation wants the move to be funded by measures such as an enhanced carbon tax (with a rebate for the less well off) VAT on air fuel and a levy on disposable coffee cups. The organisation has also said Ireland should become a leader in wind energy, cap agricultural emissions and build more LUAS lines as an appropriate response to recent climate protests by teenagers. In other areas the group wants the complete implementation of the National Substance Misuse Policy, more support for early school leavers and a dedicated youth homeless fund.

“A political system that would seek to ignore the massive marches and gatherings by teenagers seeking change on climate policy would be tone deaf in the extreme. Young people in an unmediated way have taken up the issue in the belief that adults have failed them. Public transport is a must in any climate change process. We need to incentivise its use and promote it for the future making it the norm. Much more investment in capacity will also be needed. Other European countries have taken the lead already in this area and Ireland can show it is responding to the concerns of teenagers about climate change in this way. Most of all the teen led climate protests have drawn attention to the fact that all the research and facts are there as indeed are the projections, what is needed is action” Said Michael Mc Loughlin from Youth Work Ireland

“We have also called for the delivery of various guidelines on diet and exercise for young people through schools and voluntary youth services for example those recommended by Safe Food Ireland, a fund for community-based sports and leisure activity for young people and an increase in support for literacy and numeracy work in schools and voluntary youth services. The submission seeks improved funding for voluntary youth services who work with early school leavers and the hardest to reach young people, certified learning in these informal settings along with a broad range of youth activities to combat anti-social behaviour in our communities. The submission envisages the implementation of the National Substance Misuse Policy recommendation on minimum pricing for alcohol as financing the bulk of these measures along with a gambling tax” Mr Mc Loughlin added.

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