Youth Participation Panel 2021

We believe that young people’s voices are not being sufficiently heard in relation to what is happening in Ireland now and that when we work together as a federation we can be a powerful support for young people’s voices to be heard.

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Through work on our new Strategic Plan, Participation Policy and roll out of the 2021 Consensus Process, the young people involved in the Youth Participation Working Group will lead initiatives to identify youth issues and advocate for young people on behalf of the entire Youth Work Ireland Federation.

Their first task will be a national youth consultation, which will identify key young people’s issues for the Youth Work Ireland Strategic Plan, while raising young people’s immediate concerns in national dialogue, the media and directly with decision makers.

If you have young people that you feel would like to be invovled in leading youth participation initiatives, we would ask to to please discuss this opportunity with them.

Download the full brief for this youth panel>>

Your help and expertise as youth workers is crucial to identify and support the young people who will make up the group. Please consider discussing this opportunity with young people who are from seldom heard or underrepresented groups or backgrounds.

Link to register –

For more information on this, please contact Matthew