Total Transparency Only Way to Ensure Confidence in 2020 Leaving Cert

Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
30 September 2020

“Total Transparency Only Way to Ensure Confidence in 2020 Leaving Certificate” Says Leading Youth Organisation

The latest revelations about predicted grades and the impact on people’s courses and the reputation of the exam system require full transparency on the predicted grades systems and it’s detailed operation according to Youth Work Ireland. The organisation, whose members run many educational disadvantage initiatives around the country, believes that no young people should be disadvantaged by today’s revelations.

The organisation believes there is now considerable uncertainty and confusion around the predicated grades system and many young people have lost confidence in the system. It appears hard for many people to understand exactly how the system has operated in detail. The organisation has called for full transparency from end to end relating to the predicted grades system.

“The confusion and worry about the predicted grades system has to be dealt with and young people should not miss out. Blaming algorithms and complexity isn’t good enough for such a crucial area of young people’s lives. There are numerous reports and stories about particular schools and particular circumstances, and these can only be dealt with by ensuring total transparency and openness about how the system has operated and what has gone wrong. Inevitably there will need to be some expansion in places allied with greater online learning. Young people have suffered immensely in the current crisis and their needs should be put front and centre in resolving this situation” said Michael Mc Loughlin of Youth Work Ireland


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