Youth Work Ireland – Statement on the Corona Virus

Youth Work Ireland and the Corona Virus

The measures which Youth Work Ireland National Office and our Member Youth Services have taken are guided by the official advice provided by the Department of the Taoiseach and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.  Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our young people, volunteers and staff.

Our Member Youth Services

Please note that all our members are independent and have their own specific arrangements in place locally.  What follows is a general summary of the measures being taken.

  • Our Member Youth Services remain open in order to ensure that young people are supported in this crisis.
  • Members will strictly follow all advice from the WHO and the HSE.
  • All group-based activities will either cease, be rescheduled or postponed from the evening of Thursday 12th March. By group-based activity we mean any activity that brings together 3 or more young people, children, parents, volunteers, or staff i.e. clubs, groups, training, team meetings etc. This includes events our Member Youth Services are organising as well as the events they are expected to attend.
  • Member Youth Services are minimising one-to-one and family work as much as possible and only proceeding with those appointments that are absolutely essential, providing that the child, young person and accompanying adult(s) are in good health.
  • Member Youth Services are employing other creative methods of engaging with those young people who need ongoing support i.e. zoom, skype, by phone; video call etc.
  • Member Youth Services recognise that many of our team members will be faced with challenges regarding child-care over the coming weeks.  Our Member Youth Services are providing flexible working arrangements during this period to help manage these challenges.
  • All meetings will be virtual meetings.
  • There will be no international travel until further notice.

National Office

  • Our National Office remains open for business.
  • We will be working closely with our Member Youth Services to support them to ensure that young people are getting the information and support they need to get them thought this crisis.
  • We will be promoting our Wellness Programme to support young people’s mental health.
  • Some staff may work from home but while we are in the office, we will practice social distancing.
  • Meetings will be virtual.
  • We may ask staff to self-isolate on their return from abroad.

May we wish you, your family, friends and youth services, health at this time.
Patrick J Burke (CEO)