Youth Participation

What is youth participation in Youth Work Ireland?

Youth Work Ireland, its board staff, and members have collectively established an organisational Mission, Vision and Beliefs. These outline an ambitious agenda in relation to youth participation which not only seeks to involve young people in making decisions within our organisation, but which works towards young people participating more fully in decisions in their own lives, the Irish Youth Work Sector, their communities and in Irish society. We believe that this view of our duty to advocate for young people and their rights distinguishes our model and approach to youth work.

Youth Work Ireland states in its mission and vision that it has an unambiguous commitment to involving young people in society and to affecting change in the world. These commitments also have consequences for our participation work. Youth Work Ireland participation work is not just about ensuring that young people are given opportunities to make decisions about their own lives, but also about our own work and about issues in society in general.  This means that Youth Work Ireland is an advocate for change which will allow for greater and more meaningful youth participation in Irish society.