Irish Youth Music Awards

The Irish Youth Music Awards is an educational programme for young people aimed at creating teamwork and friendship at local level, while providing first contact work experience in a variety of subjects associated with the music business. The initiative brings together some of Ireland’s top music industry personnel directly into contact with young musicians. This initiative has proved hugely successful and has been given a thumbs up from BIMM Dublin, The Thin Air Magazine, Warner Music Ireland, Faction Records, Music Matters, Hot Press Magazine, IRMA and IMRO, all of whom have been directly involved.

The Irish Youth Music Awards is a community based youth music project for teen bands and musicians aged 12-19 year, across the whole island of Ireland. It is a music led music based project which honours the most effective music projects run by groups of young people each year.

The principle aim of IYMA is to give young musicians access to industry professional to benefit from their advice and knowledge. Judging is based on the entire project from the band, to the crew, to the promotion and approach to the competition. The overall champion receives recording time in a studio, and they produce an album of their own. Because the programme is entirely youth-led, the young people involved gain entrepreneurial and leadership skills while doing something they are passionate about.

Last year over 15,000 young people engaged in the initiative and it is still growing.

So we think this is great let’s hear what the recipients of the awards have to say about the project:

JANAJ and Team Galway, recipients of IYMAs 2016


We had our biggest IYMAs yet on Saturday April 16th 2016 with over thirty six acts performing across two stages with fifteen of these directly participating in the IYMAs programme. We would like to thank all our supporters and partners for making this a brilliant day and year for the IYMAs.

Our mentors this year where Grainne Biddle (Sony Music Ireland), Keith Johnson (IMRO), Phil Udell (State Magazine/Word Up Collective) and Kate Rogers (IYMAs 2015 Receiptent Region Songwritter).

Congratulations to JANAJ and team Galway who where annouced as 2016 IYMAs receiptents they will record a full length album which includes Kenan Flannery the YWI songwritter award winner. We are now preparing for the launch of the IYMAs album and are planning towards the 2016/2017 programme which will mark the ten year anniversary of the programme.

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We would like to give a big thank you to everyone that participated in the programme this year.

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Irish Youth Music Awards Live Album is Now Available

You can download this album or stream it via our bandcamp page here. This album is released as a pay what you want release so you decide how much you want it for.

This album contains one track by each of this years regional representing acts that played the Aviva Stadium on Saturday April 16th 2016. 




“It was amazing to be part of the IYMAs programme we got to play the Aviva Stadium and on the lead up to the event we were working together as a team learning new skills like working on PR getting interviews on the local radio and TV, making a music video for our representing song and recording demos of our tracks. It’s been a journey for us and it’s been a great experience especially seeing so many other young people from across Ireland our own age doing the same thing. We are really looking forward to now recording our album as part of the IYMAs prize and we are really excited that this album will feature all our team that played our regional event in Galway back in January. We would encourage any young people looking to learn more about the creative and music industry to get involved in the programme and we are looking forward to get involved in the Irish Youth Music Awards again next year."


Jake Mc Ardle and Team Louth, recipients of IYMAs 2015

Jake Mc Ardle – 2015 IYMA’s Awards Recipient:

“I entered the IYMA’s in February 2015 little did I know I would be picked as the representing act for Co.Louth. I gained so many qualities throughout my journey. At the national event in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin it was great to see so many young people perform from all over Ireland. I feel the IYMA’s has helped me grow personally and musically. I am honoured to have been involved in a project like this. I would like to give a massive thank you to Youth Work Ireland for giving me this opportunity and supporting me on this journey”


The Left Backs, recipient of IYMAs 2014

Lucas from The Left Backs – 2014 IYMAs Awards Recipient:

“I thought the IYMAs was a really good idea to get young people interested in music. I think the creative element was the best part as you had to write your own music as it’s easier to do a cover than write your own song. The collective around the band on the project was great with the facebook team and the stylist. It was unbelievable to win The IYMAs, we have been in lots of battle of the bands competitions before and this and this is the first music event we won”


Niamh Crowther, recipient of IYMAs 2013

Niamh Crowther – 2013 IYMAs Awards Recipient:

“I’ve been taking part in The IYMAs since 2011 and have been lucky enough to record on both of the winning Meath team’s albums. The IYMAs are a standalone initiative, it’s all about teamwork rather than winners and losers which is what appealed to me in the first place. The opportunities and experiences I’ve had as a result of The IYMAs were ones that I’ll always remember and be extremely grateful for as they’ve encouraged and aided me in developing as an artist”