YES - Youth Empowerment in SRE

The Yes Project is a Europe wide initiative to provide young people with empowering sexual health and reproductive education in a community setting. Collaborating with ECYC (European Confederation of Youth Clubs) and LOGO Jugendmanagement we will work over the next two years to develop the capacity of youth organisations to deliver SRE to young people. This project is based on the need identified by Youth Work Ireland through a consultation with young people in Spring 2018, for young people to be involved in the development of a resource to support their learning around health and safety issues related to their sexual health.


  • To empower and inform young people on all areas of sexual health.
  • To support youth workers in their practice.
  • Enhance the understanding of the issues facing young people in relation to sexual health and SRE.
  • Open a mature dialogue about SRE in European jurisdictions and surface best practice in the provision of SRE, with a view to improving the consistency and quality of SRE provision across schools.
  • Develop digital tools to support sexual health education.
  • Support awareness among young people in relation to the risks of STI transmission.

Project Target Groups

This project will target young people, youth workers, youth club volunteers and educators

Outputs & Product

1. Resource tool that youth workers can use to education young people about safety aspects of sexual health. This will be a specific resource for young people that focuses on consent, wellbeing, avoiding risk and respect that can be delivered in community settings by youth workers, club leaders or youth leaders. The development of this tool will be achieved through a participatory process and will heavily rely on the expertise and experience of a European partner.

2. A digital version of the aforementioned resource that can be adapted and implemented in diverse settings (school & community). If these subjects cannot be taught in school hours, technology provides a means to bring it to young people outside of school. This version of this tool will be made available to young people through a web-based platform. The development of this tool will be reliant on the communications and information development expertise of a European youth information partner. The resulting resource would go beyond simply providing a .pdf version of the tool and result in a web 2.0 version of intellectual output one as described above.

3. Policy document, that will be developed by young people and will be used to inform policy makers about young people’s view of sexual health education in their jurisdiction. It is proposed that all partners undertake engagement of young people in their own jurisdictions to develop a suite of policy materials that address issues across the jurisdictions represented by the partnership. Develop common objectives around SRE – for each jurisdiction.


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