Talking About Sexual Health

Talking About Sexual Health: A Tool for Youth Worker and Volunteers

Opening safe conversation with young people about their sexual health is an important part of a youth worker’s role. To ensure youth workers are supported to have these conversations with confidence and effectiveness, Youth Work Ireland has adapted a proven resource – Talking About Sexual Health: A tool for Youth Worker. This resource will supporting good practice in this area and will enable youth workers to have safe and effective conversations with young people about sexual health.


During Youth Work Ireland Week 2018 we carried out a consultation activity for youth workers to run with young people around issues of sexual health. Youth workers who took part in this consultation noted that an unexpected outcome of the workshop was that it opened up conversations between them and young people about sexual health. This they say, happened both during the workshop and in the weeks following, where young people went back to them to talk more about sexual health issues they either had concerns about or just wanted more information.

This demonstrated to us that young people want more information about sexual health and youth workers are well placed to provide that information and support young people in the decisions they make around their sexual health.

The resource look at:

  • How youth workers can identify opportunities to start conversation on sexual health with young people.
  • How to create a positive environment to encourage safe conversations on sexual health.
  • Handy tips for staring the conversations with young people around sexual health.
  • Other support services and referral agencies for young people.