Sexual Health Consultation

Following on from the national online survey, we developed a youth work activity consultation which was carried out by youth workers in Youth Work Ireland services during Youth Work Ireland Week, 2018. In this consultation over 400 young people across 37 youth groups were asked to identify the topics, in relation to Positive Sexual Health they want to learn more about, be heard on and change.

Guidelines and Activity Pack

The consultation was accompanied by a detailed pack for youth workers to support them deliver the session, which includes secions on preparation, implenting the acitivity and guidelines to ensure the safety of both young people and youth workers while in session. The aim of the pack is to support young people identify specific issues in relation to sexual health young people wanted to know and learn about.

Consultation Results

The results from this consultation identified the areas of health & safety, sex education & laws/regulations around sex as being the issues young people want to learn more about, be heard on and change. These issues have formed the basis for the rest of the Positive Sexual Health campaign going forward. See full results>>

Delivering the Sexual Health Consultation

In preparation for this national consultation we developed and gathered additional material which will support youth workers delivering this session, these include: