Positive Sexual Health Media Campaign

National Media Campaign on Positive Sexual Health

The Positive Sexual Health Campaign has received extensive and consistent media coverage since its launch in 2018, with regular features in national, local & online newspapers and interviews and coverage on national radios shows.


Links to national medial coverage

Irish Youths Turning to Pornography for Sex Education, Irish Times, Carl O'Brien, April 2018

Young people know more about sex than their parents, Irish Examiner, Caroline O'Doherty, April 2018

Fifth of young people say pornography is informative, The Times (Irish Edition), Michael McHugh, April 2018

"I only learnt about sex when I started to look things up online" Irish students feel that advice from schools on sex education and relationships fall short, Irish Time, Carl O'Brien, April 2018

'Useful' porn, 'distorted' images, and talking about consent after trial that gripped nation: Young people have their say on sex, The Journal.ie, April 2018

Report finds young people using internet for sex education, Breaking News.ie, April 2018

Radio Interviews

Hourly bulletins on Newstalk News Network: Newstalk, Today FM and the regional radio news network (pre rec with Michael McLoughlin)
RTE Morning Ireland
RTE Today with Sean O'Rourke (live with Michael McLoughlin and Deborah Fakeye)
Lunchtime Live with Dr. Ciara Kelly, Newstalk
The Last Word with Matt Cooper (Deborah Fakeye & Michael McLoughlin)
East Coast FM (Live with Michael McLoughlin)