Waterford & South Tipperary Community Youth Service

About Us

The overall aim of Waterford & South Tipperary Community Youth Service is to assist the positive personal, social, spiritual and educational development of young people, in particular those who are experiencing disadvantage and social exclusion; to enable them to exercise greater control over their lives by empowering them to make active choices and decisions, to exercise responsibility and to contribute to the development of their community, environment and society.


  • To research and identify the needs and issues affecting young people.
  • To promote and initiate creative volunteer driven community based responses to the needs and issues identified.
  • To co-ordinate, support and develop an integrated youth service encompassing youth work, special projects and special services.
  • To provide education and training to equip those involved in service delivery with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully engage and work with young people.
  • To support the progress of youth work through the provision of facilities and resources.
  • To promote the importance of youth work at a local, regional and national level.

Our Mission

Waterford and South Tipperary Community Youth Service exists to cater for the needs of young people, and particularly those experiencing marginalisation, disadvantage and social exclusion.  We strive to enable young people to become free and active human beings who take responsibility for their lives and who participate fully in the development of their community, environment and society.  Through our engagement with young people we seek to empower them to recognise inequalities in society and to work together to effect change.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of special services including:

  • Youth Information Centres
  • Residential Activity Centres
  • Early Schools Leavers Projects
  • Garda Youth Diversion Project


Edmund Rice Youth & Community Multiplex
Manor Streeet
(t) 051 309364
(e) admin@wstcys.ie
(w) www.wstcys.ie