Youth Work Ireland Week

Youth Work Ireland Week is our annual week of celebrating the work of local youth services around Ireland. This year the week will take place from April 26th - May 2nd and the focus will be on youth work outdoors.

Youth Work Ireland Week now in its 10th year is a chance for us to celebrate and promote the work local youth services do every week in communities around Ireland. Throughout the week our services will take part in events and activities that promote, evidence and celebrate youth work and young people throughout Youth Work Ireland’s Member Youth Services (COVID restriction allowing)

Each year we focus on a theme and develop an activity / programme pack which provides young people with the opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge, learning and skills around the theme.
  • Participate in activities that support personal and social development outcomes.
  • Have their voices heard on the issues that are important to them.
  • Showcase and promote the work of our MYS.
  • Have fun!

Youth Work Outdoors

Due to COVID-19 we have been spending too much time indoors, on screens, separated from each other and generally interacting online. Getting back outdoors and reconnecting with each other in a safe physical way is hugely important for young people’s sense of connectedness and mental / physical health. The hard work and passion of youth workers in supporting young people over the last year has been evident and the variety of innovative and creative work resulted in new exciting ways to bring traditional youth work activities and events into an outdoors setting. This will be the focus of Youth Work Ireland Week 2021 and it is an opportunity interact, connect and support young people in a safe and socially distant way.

Find out what is taking place around Ireland during Youth Work Ireland Week 2021

To support youth workers and volunteers to get back to safely meeting and doing outdoor activities with young people, we have developed a new resource which will ensure that this work can be done creatively and safely whilst adhering to Government Guidelines. #getbackintothatday


Tell us what you are doing..... if you have an event planning and want it featured in the national campaign email 

Youth Work Ireland Week 2020 Activity Pack #myplanetmypledge 

As part of Youth Work Ireland’s Consensus Process 2019, young people told us that the environment and climate change was a key issue they wanted to learn more about and campaign for change on. At the moment it is young people who are leading the way in terms of activism and bringing attention to the need to combat climate change.  Through demonstrations and protests they are challenging Government and decision makers to act now to ensure the environment is protected for all generations. 

The Youth Work Ireland Week #MyPlanetMyPledge Activity & Resource Pack will be sent out to clubs and projects in March 2020. The pack is designed to be flexible, with workers and volunteers able to select individual activities to suit their group and time. The activities can be done without too much preparation or materials, be delivered by both youth workers and volunteers and will support young people to learn skills, reflect on their personal choices and develop the knowledge they need to become advocates for the environment. The last activity in the pack asks young people to commit to one pledge they will make in their own lives to help create a better world for all.

A full national schedule of events will be published in April, for more information on this, or to add your event to the national schedule contact Gina 


Youth Work Ireland Week 2019

National Activity Pack

Youth Work Ireland Week is also an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and views on a certain topic or issue that affect their lives. This year we will take the slogan 'youthworkworks' as inspiration and have developed an activity 'Pieces of the Puzzle' which will support young people celebrate and name the positive outcomes they gain from being part of a youth club, particularly around issues of identity, self-expression and confidence. The 'Pieces of the Puzzle' activity is inspired by The Puzzle Art Installation and Collaborative Project originally created by the New York artist Tim Kelly and is a creative way to have individual voice collectively heard. It is a simple way for each of us to tell our own story and will give young people a sense of being part of something bigger than their local club. This activity will also be part of Youth Work Ireland's Youth Wave programme.

Download the Pieces of the Puzzle Activty Pack for Youth Workers and Volunteers



Download the Official Youth Work Ireland Week Poster>>

Youth Work Ireland Week 2018

Youth Work Ireland Week 2018 took place from Saturday April 21st-28th and focused on the topic of Sexual Health. Throughout the week youth services created a space for young people to have their voices heard on this issue. We ran a national consultation to support young people to understand their sexuality, develop a positive view of sexuality and guide their decision making and behaviour in a health way. From these consultation young people will identify the main issues they want to LEARN MORE about, BE HEARD on & HAVE INFLUENCE on in relation to sexual health.


Download the full schedule for Youth Work Ireland Week 2018 here>>

Youth Work Ireland Week 2017

Last year we promoted the contribution youth and community work make to equality for young people in Ireland. Through focusing on Equality, we promoted actions and initiatives among young people, in Irish society and within our own organisation that support and build equality. During Youth Work Ireland Week thousands of young people from across Ireland took part in an arts based activity which shared their stories of what it is to be equal in Ireland in 2017 - Stories of Equality. This activity created a shared understanding of equality, and helped raise awareness of equality challenges young people face in Ireland. The activity is available to download below

Download National Schedule of Events 2017>>


Youth Work Ireland Week 2016


Over 200 events took place through out Ireland and quite a number of which focused on supporting young people's mental wellbeing. Events included mindfulness sessions, wellbeing walks, variety shows, youth day events, holisitc clinics for young people and youth workers, music workshops, acupunture, yoga and reki sessions, sports events, creative arts sessions, spirituality workshops, mindfulness through colouring events, youth information seminars laughter therapy and the launch of 3 youth cafés... among some. The full schedule of the Youth Work Ireland Week events can be found by clicking here.





This year we had an international element to the week, when we hosted the 2nd British Irish Symposium on Youth Affairs. This event supported by Leargas and Causeway - British Irish Exchange, welcomed delegations from UK Youth, Youth Scotland, Youth Cymru and Youth Action Northern Ireland.