Sexual Health Policy

Good Practice Guidelines for Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Sexual Health Policy in Youth Organisations

The organisation should;

  • Encourage the development of a sexual health policy to be incorporated into the overall organisational policy in a holistic way;
  • Actively consult with all relevant stakeholders e.g. young people, parents, workers, management, external agencies (where appropriate) in the development of the policy;
  • Ensure that the policy is reflective of the needs of the diverse groups of young people with whom the organisation may work e.g. young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, disabled, Travellers, young people from ethnic minorities etc;
  • Ensure that the policy incorporates the organisation’s equality statement;
  • Acknowledge and actively pursue adequate resources for the implementation of the sexual health policy within the organisation;
  • Acknowledge the need for and actively encourage the provision of training in sexual health for all involved in the organisation;
  • Research and become familiar with relevant local support, expertise and resources available in relation to young people’s sexual health;
  • Monitor the implementation of the policy on an ongoing basis;
  • Evaluate the policy at agreed intervals e.g. every three years.

A checklist for organisations that have already developed and implemented a sexual health policy:

  • Are your policy guidelines more than three years old?
  • Have your policy guidelines been evaluated in the past two years?
  • Was there a need to change practice because of evaluation?
  • Are your monitoring systems successfully measuring practice?
  • Are you confident that the policy is ensuring good practice?
  • Have any legal or statutory details changed?
  • Have the changing needs of young people affected the policy?
  • Will new research and government initiatives effect your policy?
  • Are you able to use your policy with partner organisation?

​Note: The guidelines above are taken from the Sense and Sexuality Resource Pack developed by the National Youth Council of Ireland. Training is available for this resource from the National Youth Health Programme or it can be viewed at