Press Clippings

Teens still getting €20 pocket money from their parents, February 2013
Anger at only seven ASBOs in five years, May 2012


We don't need no style control, October 2014
Teens get €20 a week in pocket money despite cash squeeze on parents, February 2013
Teen go to mum with serious issues but have fun with dad, November 2012
Dismal poll turnout puts saturday vote in doubt, November 2012
Emigration at record high as 87,000 people left the country last year, September 2012
Number of people on dole longterm at record high of more than 20,000, August 2012
Gardai shun ASBOs as just three issues in the last five years, November 2011
Government jobs policy is not working unions warn, June 2011
Girls soar ahead of boys as Junior Cert results gap widens, September 2010
Jobs cutting into study time for school workers, March 2009
We wills spy on your teens website for you, January 2009
Gardai still log ASBOs by pen, May 2008
ASBOs warning issued to adults and children, June 2007
Youth group wants human rights body to monitor ASBOs, December 2006
Under their influence FF gang killed McDowells Cafe Bar idea, November 2005

Ambivalence to alcohol abuse must not be ignored, 2014
Cuts to PLC courses make a mockery of jobless pledges, December 2012
20,000 people are on dole for over a year, August 2012
Unemployment rate slowing, September 2009
Youth Organisation wants ASBOs to be the last resort, December 2008
Number of juvenile liaison officers woefully low as youth crime on rise, June 2008


Emigration crisis as 87,000 gone in one year, September 2012
Figures show almost half of young adults are jobless, July 2012

Funding concern over Youth Guarantee Scheme, October 2014
Calls for reform of Junior Cert, September 2012
Most Primary Pupils get Homework Help, 2014

Why have just seven ASBOs been issued in Ireland in five years, June 2012

Jobs initiative a failure says ISME, August 2011

5,700 more jobless signing on, February 2011
Youth group welcomes Leaving Cert reform proposals, June 2007