YOU CAN BE #YouthEmpowered

The event takes place on Wednesday December 11th from 12pm-5pm and is for young people aged 16-24 years. This fun, interactive event for will help young people to:

  • Gain employment, entrepeunership and life skills through workshops and activities;
  • Network with young people and projects from across Dublin. 
  • Meet, learn from and connect with employers;

About Youth Empowered
Youth Empowered is an EU wide Coca Cola HBC initiative.  The overall aim is to empower young people to have the confidence, skills and connections to achieve their goals and aspirations for life and work.

Who’s it for
Young people aged 16 – 25 years who are unemployed, from disadvantaged communities, young people who are leaving school, who are on training schemes, in youth work programmes.

Youth Empowered Programme has 2 core modules covering 8 key themes:

Life Skills Business Skills
Understanding & Developing Me  Me the Entrepreneur 
Interacting and Networking with Others  Project Management 
Communicating Me Developing a Business idea 
Feedback Pitching a Business Idea 

Delivery Model

The delivery model that works best is through regional one day skills building events. One day events with 50 young people taking part in practical skills building workshops co facilitated by youth workers and Coca Cola HBC mentors alongside and involving local businesses, support networks. The last one-day event in 2019 takes place in Youth Work Ireland national offices (click for directions>>)

Outcomes for young people:

  • Make connections with employers in their locality
  • Enjoy themselves and develop confidence in n environment

To book your group and receive a programme for the day, just click below