Youth Work Ireland Budget Submission 2016

Achieving Better Outcomes in Recovery

Youth Work Ireland's Budget Submission for 2016 is now available to download.

It isn’t always easy being young in Ireland today. The economic downturn and the decline in traditional institutions means everybody is worried about the future. It is often said young people are the Ireland of tomorrow, we disagree, young people are the Ireland of today! All around this country by engaging with young people in our communities our workers and volunteers make Ireland a better place for young people to develop as active citizens.

Our work ensures young people choose healthy lifestyles, engage with their communities and develop as well rounded citizens today and for the future. By entrusting young people with leadership roles today we know our countries future is in safe hands tomorrow.

Ireland needs strong and vibrant local youth services in all our communities. Youth Work Ireland makes a real difference to young people’s lives today and for the future. Young people and youth work need to be supported today if we are to have a tomorrow.

The turnaround in the Irish economy is very much real. The impact on Government finances and the budgetary situation is evident. The Government expects to have room for a €1.6bn positive adjustment in the budget and growth rates of up to 6.5% have been predicted. Given the experience of young people over the last number of years there are key measures that need to be taken at this time which we outline in the full document - Achieving Better Outcomes in Recovery.