Young People’s Constitutional Convention Saturday

Youth Work Ireland along with the Voices of Youth Group facilitated a Children’s and Young Peoples Constitutional Convention in the Mansion House on Saturday April 20th. This day saw 50 young people from around the country gather to discuss possible changes to the Constitution. Watch the video of the day below




The young people voted on the 8 areas as outlined in the National Convention the voting was overseen by Tom Arnold and the results are as follows:

Review The Dáil electoral system:  34 votes for and 6 against

Amend the clause on the role of women in the home and encourage greater participation of women in public life: 46 votes for and 0 against

Reduce the Presidential term of office to five years and align it with the local and European elections: 4 votes for and 42 votes against 42

Remove of the offence of blasphemy from the Constitution: 25 votes for and 19 against

Increase the participation of women in politics (by quotas or intervention):  18 votes for and 25 against

Give citizens resident outside the State the right to vote in Presidential elections at Irish embassies: 28 votes for and 14 against

Provide for same-sex marriage: 45 votes for and 1 against

Reduce the Voting Age to 16: 34 votes for and 11 against


The young people's convention also requested that the National Convention consider the following issues in order of importance, as voted for by the young people:

1.   Abortion – Legalising and Regulating
2.   Free Education – Making this Real
3.   Separate Church and State – Make this Clearer
4.   Change the preamble – It is Outdated