National Programmes 2015

One of Ireland’s largest youth events took place in Athlone IT in June. Youth Work Ireland’s Youth Factor and Youth Games saw hundreds of young people from all around Ireland. This programme offers young people a wide range of activities in which to take part. Youth Games is a one-day, annual event which sees young people travelling from all corners of Ireland to play football,basketball, chess, table tennis, draughts and quiz. The Youth Games are attended by hundreds of young people and youth workers each year. The Youth Factor creates real opportunities for young people, whatever their ability, to gain confidence and perform in a professional setting. These events are an extension of just some of the activities carried out at local level by hundreds of club members.


Participation in National Programmes has a profound effect on the young people attending these events and indirectly on families and the wider community. The positive energy and passion for quality youth services help young people to reach their potential. The young people attending our events connect with staff and volunteers understand that the contribution they make can create positive change. A large number of young people who participate in our services go on to volunteer and work as leaders in the services.

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