Make Sex Education Inclusive

Young people say it’s time for better and inclusive sex education in Irish schools

Youth Work Ireland have been working with young people on the theme of Positive Sexual Health since 2018. We have run online surveys, youth consultations, national and regional workshops and the need for inclusive sex education has emerged as a key issue for young people, who tell us that current RSE is inadequate, not fit for purpose and does not reflective or address the needs of young people growing up in Ireland today. Ireland has changed in the last decades, we are a more inclusive, equal and progressive society and sex education in Irish schools must reflect this.

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"Sex education should be for all people, about all people and to all people"
Ash, member of Youth Work Ireland's Sex Talk Team

Youth Work Ireland believe that young people deserve inclusive, factual and holistic sex education and we are acting on this by launching a national petition requesting a change to the Education Act of 1998 to have sex education in schools inclusive and not bound or restricted by a school’s ethos. 

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Recently both the Oireachtas Committee Report on Relationships and Sexual Education and the recommendations from the NCCA on the review of the RSE have made a number of recommendations which both support and echo the views held by our young people. Both reports recommend the teaching of inclusive sexual health education and amendments to be made to the Education Act 1998 to remove of the role of ethos as a barrier to the teaching of sexual health education

We are now asking people young to support this campaign, sign our petition and together we can change how sex education is taught in Ireland.

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The signed petitions will be presented to the Minister for Education and the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, at Youth Work Ireland's Consensus Conference on November 1st in The Mansion House, Dublin