#HumansNotStats - Youth Network For Peace Campaign



Our Peace IV Youth Network for Peace youth led campaigns and conventions group have
workshopped and identified our next campaign which is around homelessness and we are excited to
launch our campaign and want you as a youth leader to support your young people and youth club
or project getting involved.

If you are a youth club or project based in Northern Ireland or one of the border counties and want
to get involved in this campaign, please read on.


How to Get Involved:

As a youth leader in your youth club we want you to work with your young people to get in contact
with the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter in your area to see if they can visit and talk to some
homeless people about their story. Once agreed, the youth leader will bring a group of young people
to ask homeless people in the soup kitchen or homeless shelter to ask a few simple questions with
the following to act as a guide - their interests, age (if they are comfortable answering this), Where
they are from, their interests, their background and the one question we would want everyone to
ask is what their favourite song is.

When meeting with the homeless people we would ask that young people with their youth leader
would take notes and take a photo. This photo does not need to be of the person but can be an
object like their shoes, based on something they referenced, their sleeping bag or even an area they
have said means something to them in their local community.

Once you have the photos and have two or three paragraphs of information from the homeless
person can you email me this to – Please include Peace IV
participation forms with your submission. Forms for under 16 available here and 16 and over are available here.

Please also send on links to homeless services in your area with the submission also.


Campaign Launch:

As we receive submissions these will be released via Youth Work Irelands social media channels.
These will be released on Facebook and Instagram with the #humansnotstats the purpose of this
campaign is to challenge people’s perceptions of homelessness and to create a discussion as this
issue is the same across the island of Ireland.

We want to get young people from clubs and projects to think about homelessness in their area and
we hope this might evoke a response to do something further.

If you have any queries, please email –


This Youth Network for Peace project involves;

Special EU Programmes Body - SEUPB — with Youth Work Ireland, Macra Na Feirme, Bytes, Irish
Youth Foundation, Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster, Fóram na nÓg, YouthAction Northern Ireland,
NIYF and Co-operation Ireland, Youth Work Ireland Monaghan, Youth Work Ireland Louth, Donegal
Youth Service and Foróige.

@SEUPB #YouthNetworkforPeace#PeaceIV


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