Hear Us Now Consensus Conference 2015

Young People's Participation in Decision Making
Space Voice Audience Influence
Dublin Castle Oct 3rd



Hear Us Now, the 2015 Youth Work Ireland National Conference presents and builds on an exciting confluence of events in the area of youth participation. These are: the development of The National Strategy on Children and Young People’s Participation in Decision Making; the publication by the Dept. of Children & Youth Affairs of research into youth participation and finally, the selection of the theme of youth participation as a conference theme by the young people, volunteers and youth workers of Youth Work Ireland.


The conference will feature contributions from young people themselves and those directly involved in recent significant efforts in policy development, research and service provision within the Dept. of Children and Youth Affairs. The conference provides an occasion to explore, plan and learn about the challenges and opportunities for youth participation. The conference is also an opportunity to see participation in action, as a much of the event was planned and designed by young people.