EU Youth Information Charter

n 1993, the ERYICA General Assembly adopted the European Youth Information Charter which has since become a text of reference throughout Europe as a set of professional principles and guidelines for youth information and counselling work.

The principles of the European Youth Information Charter are intended to apply to all forms of generalist youth information work and seek to guarantee the right of young people to complete, reliable and updated information. They constitute a basis for minimum standards and quality measures applicable to all countries as elements of a comprehensive, coherent and coordinated approach to youth information and counselling provision.

The Charter was updated in 2004 and extended in 2009 with the Principles for Online Youth Information. In a digitalised world, where the distinction between online and offline lives is becoming increasingly unclear, youth information workers and others working directly with young people need to ensure a human rights-based approach in their daily work and the development of ethical reflection towards media and information used and produced by young people.

We believe that youth information services play an important role in enhancing young people’s critical thinking and capacity to question the information they find, produce and share.

ERYICA has recently reviewed the set of principles and guidelines in order to define quality assessment mechanisms able to respond to a complex and changing reality. A revised version of the the core document for the provision of youth information has been approved at 29th ERYICA General Assembly in April 2018.

The new Charter has also updated and incorporated the Principles for Online Youth Information, as ERYICA believes that the offline and online activities are now interconnected.

The European Youth Information Charter is available in both English and Irish.