British Irish Symposium on Youth Affairs

Youth Work Ireland with the support of Causeway - British Irish Exchange and Leargas hosted the 2nd British Irish Symposium on Youth Affairs from Wednesday April 20th to Friday April 22nd. This event was attended by delegations from Youth Scotland, Youth Cymru, YouthAction Northern Ireland, UK Youth and Youth Work Ireland.

The aim of the event was to review the work we do together as the 5 leading agencies of youth work in our nations, and to reflect on the changing nature of youth, citizenship and participation over the last 100 years.




For the 3 days, the delegations made up of young people, youth workers and volunteers reflected on the strategic priorities of the 5 Nations which are

  • Promote the value of youth work collectively
  • Build contemporary alliances between young people and those who work with young people
  • Connect young people through civic engagement
  • Increase advocacy and campaigning work with and on behalf of young people
  • Improve wellbeing resilience and employability in young people.



This event helped to build on, enhance and set in place plans for future opportunities for young people and our organisations to work together across the UK and Ireland to make our nations the best possible places for young people to flourish. It also facilitated a space for young people, practitioners and those in governance to reflect on the evolving nature of citizenship and how it impacts on youth participation in all 5 nations. Given that this event took place during the 1916 Centenary celebrations it provided an opportunity for us all to think about how life has changed for young people in the last 100 years, and ponder what the future holds.