My Planet My Pledge


During Youth Work Ireland’s Consensus Process 2019, young people told us that the environment and climate change were key issues they wanted to learn more about and campaign for change on. Currently it is young people who are leading the way in highlightening the need to combat climate change, and acting to ensure the environment is protected for all generations. 

The My Planet My Pledge activity pack was originally developed as a resource to be done in a group work setting, however with the COVID-19 outbreak and youth groups now meeting online, it has been adapted to be delivered as an online resource. The activities can be done without too much preparation or materials and can be delivered by both youth workers and volunteers. Each worksheet is available in a downloadable format and there is an index of additional key terms and background information workers should consult prior to starting the activities.

Download the Full Activity Pack or click on links below for specific activities

Activity One: Ireland 2100, The Flood

This activity is adapted from Climate Revolution - One World Week Resource Pack 2020 and aims to explore and examine the realities of living in an Ireland that has been drastically affected by climate change. 

Activity Two: If the World Were 100 People

This activity introduces the idea of climate justice and tries to offer a more manageable way for young people to better understand and reflect on our lives in Ireland as a fraction of the world. 

Activity Three: What's My Carbon Footprint

This activity will support young people to think more about their actions, lifestyles and daily choice by mapping out their own carbon footprint and reflecting on their daily actions.

Activity Four: Reuse to Recycle

This activity will support young people’s learning around plastic use and actions they can take to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Activity Five: You Are What You Wear

This activity will raise awareness about excessive consumption by looking at where our clothes come, the distance they have travelled to get here and discussing the working conditions for people in these countries.

Activity Six: #myplanetmypledge

This activity will support young people to reflect on their personal values and principles, in relation to climate change and the environment, and to commit to action they will do to create a better world for all.