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shOUT LGBT Youth Galway

About shOUT LGBT Galway 

shOUT! is a group that works with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender or Questioning young people aged 14-17 and 18-21 years of age in the Galway region. Through weekly social meetings, shOUT aims to provide a place where young LGBT people can be themselves and socialise with their peers in an open and accepting environment, thus empowering the youth of the west and encouraging a similar attitude in society at large.

Put simply shOUT meet every week to have fun with young people going through similar experiences! So if you’re nervous, don’t worry, somebody will meet you before your first shOUT! group so that you’ll have a friendly face for your first time through the door!  The project aims to promote friendships with peers, to provide an experience of inclusion, acceptance, and social justice in a supportive environment. The project also works to address issues and concerns affecting all young people today.


What we do:

  • Weekly youth group meetings, by which the group chooses what activities they'd like to do.
  • Welcome young people who come from varied backgrounds and recognise that each person has their own unique experience.
  • Participate in campaigns that interest the group.
  • Work with other community groups both locally and nationally


shOUT! provides a fun, safe and relaxing space for young LGBT people, or those questioning their sexuality or gender


Seán, Fynn, Ivan and Colm from shOUT being intervied by Susan Jackson from Dublin Community Television Citiwide at the Pride Paradee


shOUT Supports for Parents and Guardians

If you a parent or guardian of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person and would like to meet other parents/guardians in similar situation, or if you have questions or need information, shOUT arranges monthly meetings which take place in Galway city to provide opportunities for parents/guardians to meet one another in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.  If you have questions or need info, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We could even meet you for a cuppa beforehand if it suits you.




(e) shout@youthworkgalway.ie/

(t) 087 773 8529

(w) http://www.lgbtyouthgalway.com/lgbt-youth-galway

(f) https://www.facebook.com/shOUTGalway


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